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see this video is reason you detail you cars


My name is Hector and I would like to explain to you what auto detailing is.
Auto detailing is a unique form to make your automobile or boat  look like new
by restoring both the paint and interior.
Auto detailing is much more than a simple wash, vac & wax.
It is the  passion to make your old cars look like new.
This will be my goal on every job!
Look at the picture below.

This 1994 Chevy Blazer, the paint on the right side is totally dull and old looking, 
on the left side the paint has been restored so that you can see the difference
and what I can do to your car.
This car in its original conditions may sell  for $400.00, but as the owner invests in detailing 
just $350.00 inside and outside, 5 days later it is sold for $2,600.00! 
This makes $1,850.00 of profit, WOW!
This is only one  sample of what detailing your car can do for you.
Think about if you want to trade in your car, the value on your vehicle can increase up to 20% or 50%, 
the same on your boat.
I  can make your automobile
like new and keep it looking that way.

You can have your vehicle fully detailed one time a year and the cost starts at $200.00
and up depending on the size of the car.
Afterwards the restorations and reconditioning will only cost you
$40.00 one time a month to keep it up .

This picture is of a Jeep Laredo. The headlight has been restored, cost $50.00 instead of buying new ones. The customer saved $375.00 on each. You can save lots of money too, just call me for prices.

Engine detailing is part of the outside detailing. If your Engine looks clean and like new you can make more money on your car

Luxury sport Ca

Keep your interior like new. Your leather can also look like new,
look at the picture below . Auto detailing is all the about 
saving you lots of money!  Call me now!

Motorcycles Detailing

Rvs                                       Boats                                    Limo                                  

Now you have seen what I can do for your automobile.
No more  scratches on your paint,  I can remove them and you can save a lot!
I warranty my job & the best service. If I can't make your car look like new my service is 


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